Susan F. Schwartz

Susan Schwartz Social Worker

Mental Health Professional

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About Susan

Susan Schwartz is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has been in private practice in Torrance, California for more than 23 years. She received her Masters of Social Work from UCLA in 1982 and subsequently completed a three year post-graduate fellowship in family therapy. During her years in practice, Ms. Schwartz has assisted numerous families throughout all stages of the divorce process, and has always been particularly interested in trying to help children traverse the challenges of being caught in the crossfire of parents who dont get along. When she learned about collaborative divorce, a groundbreaking methodology for helping families through divorce, she saw it as a new and exciting way to make a difference in peoples lives. Since 2000, Ms Schwartz has been involved in the practice and teaching of collaborative divorce and is a proud member of A Better DivorceTM: A Group of Collaborative Professionals.

-Susan Schwartz Social Worker

Benefits of Collaborative Practice

  • Promotes respect and keeps you in control of the process
  • Reduces conflict and negative emotions
  • Helps couples focus on their most important goals
  • Keeps information private so sensitive issues and finances remain out of the public eye.
  • Saves time and resources by keeping the process out of court
This web site is designed as a resource for separating and divorcing couples to learn about collaborative practice to resolve family law matters. You can learn more about collaborative practice by contacting one of our professionals listed.