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About Deborah

As a family law attorney in practice since 1982, I have seen the way our traditional litigation system often fails families in getting through the divorce process and moving forward with their lives. An alternative to the divorce battlefield is Collaborative Divorce also known as California "No Court" Divorce. The California collaborative divorce model offers spouses the opportunity to resolve their issues more calmly and rationally than the devastating conflict that is frequently found in a litigation setting. This often results in lower attorney fees and costs, prompt resolution, and offers an excellent opportunity to repair and rebuild communication and co-parenting where children are involved. I prefer a 'win-win' approach, as being the best overall resolution in a divorce.

"Not all cases can be resolved through Collaborative Divorce, and I do provide litigation and mediation services as well. I would welcome the opportunity to assist you!"
-Deborah Ewing Attorney

The Law Offices of Deborah Ewing Attorney are located near the Del Amo Fashion Center in Torrance, California.

Benefits of a California “No Court” Divorce

  • Promotes respect and keeps you in control of the process
  • Reduces conflict and negative emotions
  • Helps couples focus on their most important goals
  • Keeps information private so sensitive issues and finances remain out of the public eye.
  • Saves time and resources by keeping the process out of court
This web site is designed as a resource for separating and divorcing couples to learn about collaborative practice to resolve family law matters. You can learn more about Collaborative Practice or California No Court Divorce by contacting one of our professionals listed.