Suggested Reading | A Better Divorce Book List

Coping with Divorce

  1. Getting Up, Getting Over, Getting On, A Twelve Step Guide to Divorce Recovery By Micki McWade
  2. Daily Meditations for Surviving a Breakup, Separation, or Divorce By Micki McWade, MSW
  3. Divorce Poison By Dr. Richard Warshak
  4. Welcome to My Crisis By Laura Day
  5. Divorce: It’s All About Control By Stacy Phillips
  6. The Four Agreements By Don Miguel Ruiz
  7. When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult Times By Pena Chodron
  8. The Smart Divorce By Deborah Moskovitch
  9. Surviving Separation and Divorce: Regaining Control, Building Strength and Confidence, Securing a Financial Future By Lorian Hoff Oberlin
  10. Must We Say We Did Not Love? Divorce Rituals to Complement and Complete a Collaborative Process By Monza Naff, Ph.D.
  11. Claiming the Family Storm: Anger Management for Moms, Dads and all the Kids By Gary McKay, Ph.D, Steven Maybell, Ph.D

Divorce/Mediation Information

  1. Collaborative Divorce By Pauline Tesler and Peggy Thompson
  2. The Collaborative Way to Divorce By Stuart Webb and Ronald Ousky
  3. Getting to Yes By Roger Fisher & William Ury
  4. Survival Manual to Divorce: Your Guide to Financial Confidence & Prosperity By Carol Ann Wilson
  5. Your Divorce Advisor: A Lawyer and a Psychologist Guide You Through the Legal and Emotional Landscape of Divorce By Diana Mercer, J.D. and Marsha Kline Pruett, PhD
  6. Hear of Divorce: Advice from a Judge By Susan P. Baker

For Kids

  1. The Dinosaur’s Divorce By Laurene Krasny Brown and Marc Brown
  2. It’s Not Your Fault, Koko Bear By Viki Lansky
  3. The Parents Book About Divorce By Richard A. Gardner, MD
  4. Difficult Questions Kids Ask (and are too afraid to ask) About Divorce By Meg F. Schneider and Joan Zuckerberg, PhD
  5. Mom’s House, Dad’s House for Kids By Isolina Ricci, PhD
  6. How to Survive Your Parents Divorce By Gayle Kimball
  7. How to Get It Together When Your Parents are Coming Apart By Arlene and Irene Willis

Parenting Through Divorce

  1. Joint Custody With a Jerk: Raising a Child with an Uncooperative Ex By Julie A. Ross, MA and Judy Corcoran
  2. The Everything Parents Guide to Children and Divorce By Carl Pickhard, PhD
  3. The Good Divorce By Constance Ahrons, Ph.D.
  4. Helping Your Kids Cope With Divorce – The Sandcastles Way By M. Gary Neuman
  5. The Unexpected Legacy of Divorce By Judith Wallerstein, Julia Lewis, and Sandra Blakeslee
  6. We’re Still Family: What Grown Children Have to Say About Their Parents Divorce By Constance Ahrons, Ph.D.
  7. The Truth About Children and Divorce By Robert E. Emery, Ph.D.
  8. Mom’s House, Dads House By Isolina Ricci, Ph.D.
  9. The Co-Parenting Survival Guide By Elizabeth Thayer, PhD and Jeffery Zimmerman PhD
  10. Ex Etiquette for Parents: Good Behavior After a Divorce or Separation By Jann Blackstone-Ford
  11. What About the Kids? : Raising Your Children Before, During, and After Divorce By Judith S. Wallerstein and Sandra Blakeslee

For Dads

  1. The Divorced Dad Dilemma: A Father’s Guide to Understanding, Grieving, and Growing Beyond the Losses of Divorce and to Developing a Deeper, Ongoing Relationship With His Children By Gerald S. Mayer, PhD


  1. Taking the War out of our Words By Sharon Strand Ellison
  2. Difficult Conversations By Douglas Stone, Bruce Patton, and Sheila Heen
  3. Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes are High By Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, Ron McMillan, and Al Switzler
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