The divorce process can be a painful experience, emotionally, legally and financially. Often times, couples are concerned about the impact divorce may have on their children, family and finances.

One of the greatest fears about a divorce is that it will not only end a marriage but also destroy a family. However, research has shown that it is not the divorce itself that causes trauma to families rather it is how parents relate to each other during and after the separation that has the most impact on their children.

"When I first considered divorce I envisioned either fighting it out or giving everything to my spouse. A Better Divorce helped us find another answer. We avoided battling it out and kept our children's well being at the forefront. We were able to move beyond the divorce into the next phase of our family lives."

A Better Divorce is an interdisciplinary group of professionals, who are committed to the collaborative divorce process - a private, non-adversarial method of resolving divorce without going to court. Support for you and your divorce comes from a team you select that includes family lawyers, financial specialists, child specialists and divorce coaches.

We help families facing divorce to manage emotions, make educated financial decisions and reduce conflict while keeping the most important goals of both parties at the forefront of the settlement.

The end result is a more efficient, respectful and productive way to resolve disputes.

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Benefits of Collaborative Practice

  • Promotes respect and keeps you in control of the process
  • Reduces conflict and negative emotions
  • Helps couples focus on their most important goals
  • Keeps information private so sensitive issues and finances remain out of the public eye.
  • Saves time and resources by keeping the process out of court

This web site is designed as a resource for separating and divorcing couples to learn about collaborative practice to resolve family law matters. You can learn more about collaborative practice by contacting one of the professionals listed in Find a Professional.