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Collaborative Divorces Gain Momentum

By Joseph P. SpiritoGetting a divorce is among the most challenging and trying times of a person’s life. Divorcing couples can spend thousands of dollars and give up many years of their lives to the traditional divorce process.By the end, the parties come out the other side drained and bound to decisions made by a third party judicial officer. It doesn’t have to be this way.Couples looking to avoid such a public and adversarial process are increasingly utilizing collaborative divorce, which allows couples to settle the terms of their divorce confidentially and entirely out-of-court. The end result is that the parties […]

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Five “No-No’s” When Getting A Divorce

Any of these may be the kiss of death to an amicable, reasonably priced divorce:Don’t date.  There’s no rush!  This is true even if the divorce was not “your” idea.  Don’t join dating services or post your Facebook status as “single.”Don’t make changes to your existing life, auto, health or other insurance policies, unless you have your spouse’s written agreement.  This includes changing deductibles, carriers, insureds or beneficiaries. Don’t unilaterally tell your children you are getting a divorce.  It is usually better for parents to share this information as a team.  Your children do not want to take sides or be […]

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Date of Separation

When was it, and why does it matter?When?  The date on which one or both parties clearly communicate to the other their intent to end the marriage.There are many details which may be helpful in determining the date of separation, including:-          Are the spouses still living together?-          Are they sharing finances?-          Are they still “working on the marriage?”-          Have they told anyone they are separating/divorcing?-          Are they still acting like a married couple in public?-          Are they still having sexual relations?-          Has either spouse changed his/her mailing address?Spouses may not agree on their date of separation.  They may each perceive […]

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Documents are King: The Importance of Documents When Considering Divorce

Divorce can be overwhelming.  One of the things people may overlook is the importance of documents.  Verifying the nature and extent of income, assets and debts, reimbursements and credits, and other details of divorce requires documents.  Getting copies of the documents you will need now, will streamline the divorce process and may reduce the cost of divorce later.What documents?Key documents include:Income tax returns for the last three to five years, particularly if income varies, or businesses or self-employment are involved.  Include all attachments, W-2s, and 1099s.Paystubs for you and your spouse for at least three months, showing all deductions from […]