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Woody Mosten speaks about “A Better Divorce”

While I have been honored to offer trainings in many communities, my two days with A Better Divorce is one of the highlights of my career.

Knowing that no one is a prophet in one’s own land, I was very nervous about offering a training in my own community with colleagues whom I respect and with whom I work frequently. My anxiety was wasted as I cannot remember learning more or having a better time than with my friends of ABD and other local peacemakers.

The level of conversation was on a high level and ABD members demonstrated a sophisticated and nuanced understanding of collaborative strategies that was most impressive. Even though the group was quite advanced, they displayed the finest qualities of peacemaking: an openess for self-reflection and to examine the way that they have long successfully practiced.

Finally, I wish to commend Jane Euler, Kim Davidson, and Joe Spirito for their countless hours in tirelessly arranging the training. Every thing was planned, operational, and the food was beyond outstanding! Anyone who has ever trained knows how important this support can be.

I not only look forward to training again with ABD, but most importantly, working with ABD members on Collaborative and Mediation cases to help families resolve and heal.


Forrest (Woody) Mosten


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