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Is It Okay to Use Social Media When Going Through a Divorce?

Did you know that by the time a child is 5 years old, there are over 1500 images of them on social media?

Were you aware that the average time it takes to post a newborn’s photo is about 57 minutes after they were born?

Using social media is very commonplace today, and because of this guidance, discussing and agreeing to social postings has become mainstream in the divorce process.

Social media is a real struggle for parents to navigate, not only for the children of the marriage but for couples.

Many people do not realize the damage caused by social media. Seemingly harmless posts can sometimes cause a lifetime of pain, doubt, and even suicide. It’s scary!

When we are asked if our clients can use social media while going through a divorce, here are some tips we share with them:

  • Consider stopping all social media postings until your divorce is finalized
  • If you must post, consider the long term impact of the image
  • If a post puts either you or your spouse in an unflattering light – don’t post
  • Don’t post while you are consuming alcohol
  • Stay away from messaging within your social media platform
  • Don’t vent your feelings on your news feed
  • Update your privacy and security levels– tighten down the hatches!
  • Don’t speak about the divorce professionals involved in your case at ANY time
  • Monitor your children’s social media platforms

It is a slippery slope when divorcing couples continue to use social media, which can have dire results. But if you have to post, keep this motto in mind – “When in doubt, don’t post.”

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