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How to Get a Divorce – What about a Divorce Coach?

This is the fourth in a multi-part series -How to Get a Divorce- Collaborative Divorce in Difficult Economic Times- on your options in the divorce process by A Better Divorce member, Christopher M. Moore of Moore, Bryan & Schroff LLP in Torrance, California. Divorce Coaching In most divorce cases, emotions run high. The parties can experience feelings like anger, denial, anxiety, and depression that make it hard to reach agreement on the real issues like the financial settlement and a parenting plan for the kids. To work past these dark emotions, the lawyers will urge each party to have a coach. The coaches are mental health […]

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Collaborative Divorce with a Child Specialist: Your Children’s Best Interest First

PUTTING YOUR BEST FOOT FORWARD V. BEING HONEST ABOUT ONE’S LIMITATIONS A father, who may want to hide his ignorance of an infant’s needs during an evaluation, presents himself differently in collaborative divorce, and is more likely to be honest and seek the recommendation of a child specialist. It’s like being in a classroom and the teacher asking if everyone understands. We’re afraid to admit we don’t know if the consequences hurt. With the child specialist in collaborative family law, the parents know we’re there to help, not to judge. Because there is no report submitted to the court, parents are free […]

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It’s a Divorce Negotiation

There is a different and better way to get divorced.  You can stay out of court and move forward in a healthier and more respectful manner. Learn more about collaborative practice.

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