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Conscious Uncoupling and Collaborative Divorce

by Jon Kramer, LCSW Editor’s Notes: Jon Kramer, LCSW is in private practice with an office in Santa Monica, as well as a founding Partner of the Collaborative Center of Southern California in Hermosa Beach, CA. He is also a member of a collaborative divorce group called “A Better Divorce Group”. Isn’t it kind of fun when we are trendy and we don’t even know it? Thanks to Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin, when a couple who have decided to end their marriage inquires with a non-litigating attorney, they are officially trendy. OK, before you roll your eyes, let me explain further. Paltrow and Martin’s recent […]

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Divorce Options – May 20th

Options for Divorce Presented by Jane K. Euler, Ron Anfuso, and Susan Schwartz When: May 20, 2016 12:15pm – Check-in Time 12:30pm-1:30pm – Workshop Where: Torrance Court Library Cost: Free Discussing different divorce methods such as Litigation, Collaboration and Mediation. We will be going over the basics of dissolution of marriage and financial implications.

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48th Annual FL Symposium

Consentual Dispute Resolution: Resolving Disputes Outside the Courtroom Doors May 14, 2016 Universal Hilton Presented by Joe Spirito, Woody Mosten, Fred Glassman and Aviva Bobb Joe Spirito will be the moderator to a panel discussion on the range of consensual dispute resolution option for parties seeking dissolution. The panel will discuss the ethical and statutory duties that practitioners have in utilizing mediation and collaborative processes such as  the duty to obtain informed consent and the duty to preserve mediation confidentiality.

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Collaborative Divorce

CPCAL 2016

Informed Consent and Decision Making April 29, 2016 Sofitel, Redwood City Presented by Joe Spirito, Fred Glassman, and Warren Sacks Joe Spirito was part of a panel discussion on informed decision making and the relevance of informed consent as the range of consensual dispute resolution processes expand. The panel also discussed  mediation confidentiality and proposed legislative changes to the evidence code, examining the impact said changes would have on the collaborative process.

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Consensual Dipute Resolution – A Billionaire Chooses Collaborative Divorce

The Mediation Process Gives People a Chance to Tell Their Stories When California passed the first no-fault divorce law in the nation, the reasons for the divorce were no longer relevant. Seasoned practitioners know the importance of telling the “story” of the divorce. It is by listening to the most profound issues in a changing or ending relationship that healing and resolution begin. The deepest feelings of hurt, abandonment, anger, revenge and ambivalence need to be expressed and understood. It is the experienced mental health professional who can do this in the context of mediation of custody and visitation disputes. […]

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