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Letting Go and Moving On

When something happens that leads to a breakdown of your relationship, often people feel anger and hurt.  Something bad has happened and the accompanying negative feelings are natural.  You may find you can’t forgive and don’t know how to move past the hurt and anger over past transgressions. To get through this obstacle, we see forgiveness as a practical problem-solving strategy and the key to letting go and moving on.   Negative feelings such as anger and hurt take up too much time and energy and may make things worse. “Scientific research clearly shows that learning to forgive is good for […]

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A Better Divorce is a group of 30 collaborative law professionals consisting of attorneys, mental health professionals and financial professionals. A Better Divorce was formally established in 2002 by a group of professionals whose goal was to provide a better way for people to resolve their family law matters than the traditional litigation process. Our goal as a group is to help families resolve their issues in a way that preserves the family, so that everyone can participate in major life events, such as graduations, weddings and other important events. It is our belief that in order to truly work […]

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CP CAL Board Workshop

CP CAL Board

CP CAL Board Presented by Board Members – Vi Ballard, MFT COLLABORATIVE PRACTICE When: TBA There are several committees planning for the upcoming 2017 Conference at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Redondo Beach. The conference is open to mental health professionals, financial professionals and family law attorneys to improve their skills or learn more about Collaborative Divorce.

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Family Law Course UCLA

UCLA Law School – Family Law Course

UCLA Law School – Family Law Course Presented by Joseph P. Spirito, Jr. of McGaughy & Spirito PRINCIPLES AND GUIDELINES FOR COLLABORATIVE PRACTICE When: November 10, 2015 Joe was a guest lecturer at UCLA law school on the principles of collaborative law. Joe discussed the various process options for parties seeking a divorce – including traditional litigation, mediation and collaborative law. The lecture was designed to educate young, future lawyers about the changing landscape of family law and the growing practice of collaborative law.

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Divorce Magazine Podcast

Divorce Magazine Podcast

Divorce Magazine Podcast Presented by Joseph P. Spirito, Jr. of McGaughy & Spirito COLLABORATIVE DIVORCE IN CALIFORNIA When: Fall 2015 Joe was interviewed for a nationwide podcast series by Divorce Magazine. Joe answered questions about selecting a collaborative divorce over a traditional litigated divorce. He also discussed several nuanced characteristics of the collaborative process that spouses may consider when choosing which process of dissolution is right for them.

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Clothes the Deal – Charity Drive

The South Bay Bar Association Invites you to participate in our charity drive for: Clothes the Deal – Charity Drive – click .pdf for more imformation July 1 – August 31, 2016 CTD distributes new and gently worn business clothing to partnering agencies supplementing their employment programs and removing obstacles to gaining employment.  

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Cultural Family Law

Cultural Competency in Family Law Seminar – July 30th

Cultural Competency in Family Law Seminar When: July 30, 2016, 8:30 am to 4 pm. Where: University of West LA School of Law David Yamamoto, Esq. of a Better Divorce will be on the 1st panel on Premarital Agreements in other Countries. David will be presenting on Premarital Agreements in Japan. More details to follow.

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Conscious Uncoupling and Collaborative Divorce

by Jon Kramer, LCSW Editor’s Notes: Jon Kramer, LCSW is in private practice with an office in Santa Monica, as well as a founding Partner of the Collaborative Center of Southern California in Hermosa Beach, CA. He is also a member of a collaborative divorce group called “A Better Divorce Group”. Isn’t it kind of fun when we are trendy and we don’t even know it? Thanks to Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin, when a couple who have decided to end their marriage inquires with a non-litigating attorney, they are officially trendy. OK, before you roll your eyes, let me explain further. Paltrow and Martin’s recent […]

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