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Family attorney Elaine Thompson received the Athena Award from the Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce

Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce Presents Athena Award

A Better Divorce is very proud to note that on December 4, 2015, ABD member, attorney Elaine Thompson received the Athena Award from the Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce.  This award is presented each year in recognition of professional achievement, dedication to community service and generosity in assisting women in their achievement of professional excellence and leadership. She also received certificates from David Hadley, Assemblyman 66th District, Maxine Waters, U.S. Congress 43rd District, and Mayor Patrick Furey, Mayor of Torrance.

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Divorce Options – May 20th

Options for Divorce Presented by Jane K. Euler, Ron Anfuso, and Susan Schwartz When: May 20, 2016 12:15pm – Check-in Time 12:30pm-1:30pm – Workshop Where: Torrance Court Library Cost: Free Discussing different divorce methods such as Litigation, Collaboration and Mediation. We will be going over the basics of dissolution of marriage and financial implications.

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48th Annual FL Symposium

Consentual Dispute Resolution: Resolving Disputes Outside the Courtroom Doors May 14, 2016 Universal Hilton Presented by Joe Spirito, Woody Mosten, Fred Glassman and Aviva Bobb Joe Spirito will be the moderator to a panel discussion on the range of consensual dispute resolution option for parties seeking dissolution. The panel will discuss the ethical and statutory duties that practitioners have in utilizing mediation and collaborative processes such as  the duty to obtain informed consent and the duty to preserve mediation confidentiality.

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Collaborative Divorce

CPCAL 2016

Informed Consent and Decision Making April 29, 2016 Sofitel, Redwood City Presented by Joe Spirito, Fred Glassman, and Warren Sacks Joe Spirito was part of a panel discussion on informed decision making and the relevance of informed consent as the range of consensual dispute resolution processes expand. The panel also discussed  mediation confidentiality and proposed legislative changes to the evidence code, examining the impact said changes would have on the collaborative process.

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collaborative divorce torrance palos verdes

Consensual Dipute Resolution – A Billionaire Chooses Collaborative Divorce

The Mediation Process Gives People a Chance to Tell Their Stories When California passed the first no-fault divorce law in the nation, the reasons for the divorce were no longer relevant. Seasoned practitioners know the importance of telling the “story” of the divorce. It is by listening to the most profound issues in a changing or ending relationship that healing and resolution begin. The deepest feelings of hurt, abandonment, anger, revenge and ambivalence need to be expressed and understood. It is the experienced mental health professional who can do this in the context of mediation of custody and visitation disputes. […]

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The Divorce is Over, but there’s a Disagreement… now what do we do!?

The Divorce is Over, but there’s a Disagreement…now what do we do!? By Deborah Ewing   In some cases, particularly where there are no children (or they are adults), there are no further legal issues once an agreement is reached and the Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage (divorce judgment) is signed. However, in many cases, issues crop up after you thought your case was over.  There are many examples, including: the support payor loses his/her job or becomes disabled, and needs a temporary or long term reduction in support obligation; the supported spouse needs an increase in support for similar […]

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Divorce Options – Workshop

Your Divorce Options – What You Need to Know! Do you know someone who is considering divorce and wants to learn about process options? Please recommend that they attend an informative workshop called “Divorce Options” at the Torrance Courthouse Law Library from 12:15 to 1:30 on the third Friday of each month. Guests can attend this workshop even without preregistration. See Flyer for more details. The program is presented by members of A Better Divorce and LACFLA– family law attorneys, mental health and financial professionals who specialize in divorce and related issues. Download PDF: Divorce Options flyer – 83KB    

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wood mostens master class

Woody Mosten speaks about “A Better Divorce”

While I have been honored to offer trainings in many communities, my two days with A Better Divorce is one of the highlights of my career. Knowing that no one is a prophet in one’s own land, I was very nervous about offering a training in my own community with colleagues whom I respect and with whom I work frequently. My anxiety was wasted as I cannot remember learning more or having a better time than with my friends of ABD and other local peacemakers. The level of conversation was on a high level and ABD members demonstrated a sophisticated and nuanced understanding of collaborative strategies that was most impressive. […]

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Collaborative Divorce scale

Collaborative Divorces Gain Momentum

By Joseph P. SpiritoGetting a divorce is among the most challenging and trying times of a person’s life. Divorcing couples can spend thousands of dollars and give up many years of their lives to the traditional divorce process.By the end, the parties come out the other side drained and bound to decisions made by a third party judicial officer. It doesn’t have to be this way.Couples looking to avoid such a public and adversarial process are increasingly utilizing collaborative divorce, which allows couples to settle the terms of their divorce confidentially and entirely out-of-court. The end result is that the parties […]

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